Oracle APS Release 12 educational material available

Oracle Support now provides educational material for Oracle APS Release 12 via metalink

Oracle Corporation is providing access to their “Transfer of Information” and other educational materials for Release 12 through Oracle’s Metalink customer support site. Oracle APS Support has provided a great metalink note that provides links to these materials by feature and compliments it with additional information. The intent of this metalink note is to help users understand the resources and functionality available in R12 for the APS Suite which includes:

  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)
  • Global Order Promising (GOP/ATP)
  • Collaborative Planning (CP)
  • Oracle Demand Planning (ODP)
  • Inventory Optimization (IO)
  • Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) **
  • Production Scheduling (PS) **
  • Demand Management (Demantra) **

** Note that the information here only describes the integration portions of the these applications (SNO & PS / Demantra) and provides links to another site with their specific information.

Start with Metalink Note 412702.1 “FAQ – Supply Chain Planning (APS Suite) – Getting Started With R12″ This document provides a link to the “Oracle APS Support Enahnced Release Contents Document”; and Metalink Note 414332.1

I have reviewed the Release 12 Advanced Planning and Scheduling TOI presentations through this site. This is a great set of documentation that can help you understand these new features. This material compliments the Release Contents Documentation (RCD) that is also available through the same site. The Functional “Transfer of Information” document is a recorded presentation that walks you through a power point presentation explaining how to set up and use the new features for each application. Each TOI provide a feature description and example, explains the benefits of a new feature from a business perspective, provides setup instructions and the lists any product dependencies and interactions. The best examples provide screenshots and diagrams that really improve the users understanding of the feature.

You will need to have access as a registered user of Metalink. If your company has an Oracle Support Contract they will have a CSI number that you can use to register.

The links take you to specific presentations available via Oracle University online. You will need to register to use this site. If you are already registered on the Oracle Partner Network or Oracle technical network, they all use the same shared login and password. prior to selecting a TOI link, first sign into Oracle University.

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