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Inspirage Fastest Growing Private Company: Puget Sound Business Journal

Inspirage was featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal once again this year as a Faster Growing Private Company. This year, Inspirage is ranked No. 77 of 100 on the list. As one of the 100 companies recognized as the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2017 Fastest-Growing Private Companies Srini Subramanian, Inspirage’s CEO is quoted as saying:

“As far as Inspirage’s future is concerned, the cloud is terra firma.”


PSBJ Top 100

The article highlights Inspirage’s rise to success and discusses the strategy behind building a successful business model through market, product and industry knowledge, and contacts.

Echoing a recent video interview, Kevin Creel, President, Strategy and Business Development says:

“We had a trust in each other and a trust that we were going to make the right decisions in the future,” he said. “I don’t know if we imagined the scale, but we knew we weren’t going to fail.”

Celeste White

Key Contributor: Celeste White

Celeste is the Communications & Marketing Program Manager at Inspirage where she works in product marketing. Creating positioning and messaging that differentiates Inspirage as the integrated supply chain specialists for operational excellence to a wide array of audiences.