Solving the Complex Challenges of Wine and Spirits Distributors with NetSuite

One Glass at a Time

Wine and spirits distributors have long faced a complex supply chain with its highly regulated nature, but it’s become even more challenging with increased global variety. To maintain relevance and drive growth, companies must innovate through new products, new lines of business, and supply chain capabilities. To accomplish their goals, businesses need flexibility and must have agile technology services to support them.

In the viticulture and winemaking industry additional issues may arise for companies considering how to improve the economies of scale. To become a dominant player in this competitive environment there are some questions to consider:

  • How do we get a strong presence in the growing online market?
  • How do we get a 360 degree view of supply chain starting from vendors through to customers?
  • How do we measure the quality of our products and ensure standards are captured and maintained?
  • Does our staff have the right systems and tools to scale up especially during the busy seasons?

Protect the Bottom Line

Not having the answer to any of these will lead to undesirable impacts on the company’s performance and will directly affect the bottom line.

If customers are looking for one application to run their entire wine and spirits business from end-to-end including integrated ecommerce, financials, inventory management and CRM—they can now take advantage of having one system to manage inventory and financials as well as helping to expand sales presence through an integrated ecommerce platform.

NetSuite ERP can help

And does the bulk of the critical, complex processes on its own.

  • NetSuite has ability to plan, forecast demands, inventory management, warehouse management and even the entire manufacturing process starting from MRP (Material Requirements Planning) to the final product
  • NetSuite has an extensive Wholesale Distribution (WD) solution that allows Wine Distribution Companies to quickly setup their operations with NetSuite WD providing the backbone for sustaining and growth. In WD modules, NetSuite can go on about monitoring the distribution process precisely & seamlessly.
  • NetSuite Manufacturing can be tailor-made for the Wine Industry starting from the definition of Routing (Optimum resources required in the Plant) and the BOM (Bill of Material).
  • Added to this, NetSuite has a robust e-commerce platform, SuiteCommerce Advanced to boost the online presence and drive demand.

Customers can easily see potential to improve all aspects of the business functionalities through NetSuite. Wine and spirits companies could examine these:

  • Supplier – What (type of grapes), when (demand determination), from Whom (vendor evaluation), how much (quantity to meet the demands), how to bring (inbound Supply Chain)
  • Input – Raw Materials (grapes), Inventory Management, Quality Maintenance
  • Process – Manufacturing Process (Routing: Sorting->Destemming & Crushing-> Fermentation-> Maceration-> Maturation) BOM, Work Order
  • Output – Warehouse Management (where to store the wine, under which environmental conditions)
  • Customer – Packaging, Reaching to customer (outbound supply chain), Reviews.

Manage & Grow Operations & Business

As wine and spirits, producers, importers and distributors look to manage their operations and grow their businesses, it’s no wonder that more and more in the industry are turning to NetSuite as their solution of choice. With NetSuite as the IT backbone, wine and spirits distributors are better able to automate processes, plan demand and supply, manage and account for trade promotions, and drive efficiencies, which frees up time to focus on expanding their business into new markets and to perfect their product offerings. For more information on how Inspirage can help, contact us.


Deep Banerjee

Deep Banerjee | Key Contributor

Deep Banerjee is an ERP Consultant at Inspirage in the NetSuite practice. Deep has extensive industrial experience, specifically in EPC segment. As a Functional Consultant, he has implemented NetSuite ERP solutions for some of Inspirage's biggest NetSuite customers.