Agile Engineering Collaboration (EC)

Many corporations have difficulty controlling and sharing design information with key stakeholders. These data are usually scattered among multiple systems and individual desktops, rather than centrally managed and integrated with the enterprise product record. Without a central repository for accurate data, design reuse becomes time consuming, if not impossible, and part proliferation becomes common practice.  Agile Engineering Collaboration improves and streamlines engineering processes across distributed organizations with a broad range of functionalities to support product development.

Download the Oracle® Agile Engineering Collaboration (EC) Datasheet
Inspirage is a leading implementer of Agile Engineering Collaboration from Oracle, a solution that links product design to the enterprise product record. Engineers and designers can access and leverage product designs within an enterprise design vault, and anyone with privileged access can view, interrogate, and mark-up native CAD data without needing a CAD authoring tool. These designs are systematically converted into bills of materials with the BOM publication functionality, thereby synchronizing CAD data with the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) record. Agile EC encourages design innovation, enforces design integrity, and allows companies to rapidly and effectively transition products from engineering to manufacturing.

Key Agile Engineering Collaboration Features:

  • CAD design and product record integration
  • Automated engineering design to BOM conversion
  • CAD design viewing within native design applications
  • Design-sharing with key stakeholders
  • Collaborative design feedback functionality
  • Design alternatives comparison
  • Live and off-line design reviews

Key Benefits:

  • Synchronizes design changes with the product record
  • Improves intellectual property control
  • Increases accuracy of design information
  • Accelerates time-to-market
  • Reduces direct material costs
  • Drives innovation
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