Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics (OPLA)

Most companies struggle to obtain timely and relevant product information. The explosion in both volume and complexity of product data, which expands rapidly in a global environment, produces a multitude of information to synthesize. Numerous departmental initiatives to develop custom reports remain narrow in scope and cannot provide the necessary depth needed to enable enterprise product decisions. The result is an ad-hoc environment lacking collaboration, historical knowledge, and control, which exposes organizations to high risk and poor performance.

Download the Oracle® Product Lifecyle Analystics Datasheet
Inspirage is a leading implementer of Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics, which provides business-ready analytical applications that enable companies to implement quickly with limited risk, and at a fraction of the cost required to build traditional business intelligence solutions. In addition, Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics provides enterprise data templates that help to bring in relevant enterprise information needed to make comprehensive product decisions. These templates provide rapid time to value, better business results, and high return on investment.

Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics helps companies focus on product programs, consumer and supplier concerns, quality issue resolution, and phase gate execution to provide comprehensive insight into projects and the process dependencies that impact these programs. OPLA enables product owners to not only respond to daily challenges, but also identify macro-level process issues leading to better executive decisions.

Key Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics Features:

  • Pre-built Dashboards, Reports and Metrics
  • Product Quality Analytics
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Phase Gate and Project Execution Tracking and Insight
  • Product Issue Tracking
  • Project Prioritization
  • Resource Management Analysis

Key Benefits:

  • Improves project execution
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Enhances product quality
  • Minimizes new product risks
  • Comprehensive product visibility
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