Core Transportation

Oracle Transportation Management delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. It enables business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex multileg air, ocean, and rail shipments. Oracle Transportation Management lowers transportation costs, improves customer service and asset utilization, and provides flexible, global fulfillment options.

Regardless of the size or volume of your business, Oracle Transportation Management delivers the capabilities you need in an open, standards-based architecture that allows you to start with a single component or a mix of components. It also provides the flexibility to grow easily, without installing or reinstalling added functionality. Oracle Transportation Management can be used with an enterprise resource planning or legacy order management system, as well as any commercial best-of-breed or legacy warehouse management system.

Foundation for Transportation Management Best Practices

Transportation Order Management

Integration with external order management, purchasing, warehouse and other systems for purposes of managing transport demand.

Rate Management

A global repository and rating engine for service provider contracts for transportation and related services. It enables companies to manage all of their rates centrally, including support for all modes – ground, parcel, air, rail and ocean, barge. Oracle Transportation Management supports full “sell” side rating for Logistics Service Providers and other companies who provide transportation services or charge their clients for shipping

Shipment Management

Plan and execute shipments for maximum operational efficiency. Automated decision support for a full range of transportation scenarios from simple, direct shipments to complex, multi-mode movements. It enables least cost carrier, mode and service level selection, application of routing guides, exception management (e.g., track planned vs. actual, divert shipments, expedite delivery).

Booking and Tendering

Collaborate with transportation service providers using multiple communication formats for tender acceptance – email, web, and XML. Automated support for multiple types of tender processes, such as sequential tendering and broadcast tendering.

Event Management and Visibility

Proactively manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments through automated milestone monitoring. Receive status updates from transportation service providers using multiple communication formats – web, XML, mobile phone.

Business Process Automation

Oracle Transportation Management’s unique workflow agent technology enable companies to model simple or complex processes to improve efficiency. For example, automatically re-plan shipments based on related order changes, notify involved parties of delayed shipments.

Reporting & Documents

Oracle Transportation Management utilizes Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher to create reports and documents. Examples of standard reports and documents include: Cost Savings, Projected Late Orders, Carrier Performance, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing List. Customers can modify the standard reports and documents or create their own using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. Documents from external systems can be uploaded into Oracle Transportation Management and attached to the corresponding order, shipment, etc.

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