Oracle Trade Compliance

Oracle Trade Compliance enables companies to manage the legal, regulatory and corporate complexities of cross-border transactions, supporting movements and transactions going from any origin in the world to any destination in the world. Offering advanced trade compliance screening and control determination beyond typical restricted party and sanction screening, Oracle Trade Compliance moves organizations from a homeland-centric managed business to a holistic anywhere-to-anywhere global compliance operation.

Oracle Trade Compliance supports the creation and management of trade transactions in order to perform worldwide trade compliance functions. Trade controls can take different forms, and can be specific controls dictated by each regime that regulates a company’s items or by the company itself. Additionally, with the ability to anticipate compliance milestones and avoid potential delays or roadblocks, companies can maintain and accelerate the movement of goods through the supply chain, improve cycle times, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

Mitigate financial risk associated to trade compliance—Proactively manage global trade transactions for trade controls avoiding fines and penalties
Increase working capital utilization—Accelerate the movement of goods through the supply chain by avoiding unnecessary import and export delays

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