Transportation Sourcing

The Oracle Transportation Sourcing application for Oracle Transportation Management streamlines and enhances the entire transportation sourcing and procurement process. Oracle Transportation Sourcing automatically pulls data from historical shipment records to build bid packages and then seamlessly loads the awarded bids back into the execution environment. This greatly improves the accuracy of the bid package as well as reduces the time and manual effort it takes to run a procurement cycle.

Oracle Transportation Sourcing provides a single application for procurement professionals to optimize the activities that support their periodic  bidding process.  The application enables and enhances each step in the process which includes:

  • Bid Preparation
  • Bid Creation
  • Bid Event
  • Bid Analysis
  • Award of lanes to carriers
  • Integrate new rates for use in operational planning

Key Benefits

  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing bid execution and carrier negotiation
  • Rapid procurement cycles.
  • Accurate forecast estimates.
  • Seamless collaboration with carriers during the procurement cycle.
  • Highly actionable bid responses.
  • Low labor requirements to manage the procurement process.
  • Greater volume leverage through consideration of all freight modes and geographies.
  • Centralize and organize your company’s rate data

Key Features

  • Aggregation of shipment data into lane and volume information
  • Supports multiple rounds, on-line and off-line bidding, bid packages, configurable cost models, and other user-defined criteria
  • Supports flexible lane and bid attribute configurations to ensure carriers have the information needed to bid effectively
  • Collaborates with carriers on rates, accessorials, and equipment
  • Simulation scenario analysis functions that determine spend projections and optimal carrier allocations
  • Awarded bids are easily activated
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