Inspirage Agile PLM History Archive

Recover precious database storage resources and enable valuable data mining features now with Agile

History-ArchiveCompanies face many challenges while trying to manage their data. These challenges include data storage, security, integration and the sheer volume of data that can amass over time. Managing this data involves everything from adding data to the database to cleaning out old data and improving the quality of the data that is tored in the database.

For Agile users, these data management issues are no different. Over time, the Agile database grows and becomes unwieldy, requiring large amounts of storage and long backup times. Unfortunately, most of the information stored in the database becomes purely historical and is rarely accessed.

The Inspirage Agile History Archive tool provides a way to manage the sheer amount of data that can be stored in Agile. The History Archive can automatically move Agile’s historical data to a separate archive database which can be accessed directly within Agile. The archive database can be analyzed with powerful data mining and reporting tools that are not available in Agile out of the box.

Download Agile History Archive Datasheet >>

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