Inspirage Service Lifecycle Management Solution

Increase customer loyalty and reduce service costs with comprehensive service parts planning and field service management

Service Lifecycle Management Solution DatasheetCustomer Service organizations are tasked with keeping customers happy when something goes wrong with the product. This has been complicated by the rapid increase of mechanical and electronics (mechatronic) content in products which has accelerated the customization by customer and locality. Moreover, the fast pace of obsolescence in software, integrated circuits and sensors included in mechatronics makes planning and executing services for products even more difficult.

Our Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) solution that encompasses a broad set of integrated enterprise business processes that cross enterprise organizations and product lifecycle phases. Narrower phrases like “service parts planning,” “field service parts planning” and “field service management” do not span the entire lifecycle of complex B2B products like aircraft engines or long life B2C consumer durables like outboard motors.

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