Consumer Goods & Retail

Companies within this vertical have to deliver value to both stakeholders and consumers in an increasingly competitive space. Trade promotion management issues and limited visibility are critical challenges of the consumer products arena. Among other solutions, Inspirage offers TPM and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment solutions that enable businesses to reduce risks and improve overall processes.

Industrial Manufacturing

In the Industrial Manufacturing industry, global competitive pressures are driving down profit margins and making it more difficult for companies to remain competitive in this volatile landscape. With Inspirage's industry-focused solutions, you can optimize inventories, influence product design and create master schedules.

Oil & Gas

Navigate the complexities of the oil and gas supply chain with help from Inspirage. Our industry-tailored solutions can help you optimize your supply chain, accurately project future demand and create a project-driven operation.

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and distributors, and nutraceutical companies operate in a heavily regulated industry. Solutions from Inspirage can help these companies facilitate compliance across the board and innovate according to accelerated product lifecycles.

High Tech

The ever-evolving lifecycle of the high-tech industry presents an important challenge. Inspirage's solutions can help you with demand planning and forecasting, reducing supply chain risks and streamlining business processes.