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Today’s consumers have high expectations from the companies they buy from. In order to stay ahead of the competition, consumer good and retail companies need to achieve transparent collaboration throughout the manufacturing ecosystem, provide enhanced execution in the warehouse, and adopt digital technologies in response to customer demand.

At the same time, industry leaders face unique obstacles such as customer demands for the highest quality products, new entry points for cyber attacks, misalignment of data governance, and conflicting performance metrics.

Click on the icons below to learn more about some of the top trends and obstacles Consumer Goods and Retail leaders must tackle. 

Trends & Challenges – CPG
Smart Warehousing Collaborative Ecosystem Hyperpersonalization Service & Distribution Cybersecurity Data & Analytics Digital Transformation

Smart Warehousing

Implementing a tightly integrated process workflow and physical automation, providing enhanced execution in the warehouse

Collaborative Ecosystem

Achieving transparent collaboration throughout manufacturing ecosystem, leveraging industry cloud and IoT


Adopting digital technologies in response to customer demand for innovative, personalized products and experiences

Service & Distribution

Customer demands for highest quality products delivered through holistic, instantaneous, and personalized experiences


Digital technologies offer new entry points for cyberattacks while hackers become more sophisticated and innovative

Data & Analytics

Misalignment of data governance and conflicting performance metrics between product design, manufacturing, and fulfillment

Digital Transformation

Helping you embrace these trends while at the same time overcoming these obstacles

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