Management Consulting

Management Consulting

The pace of business is speeding up every day. Businesses need the agility to adjust to sudden peaks in demand or changes in operating conditions. From product design to delivery, you’ve always needed a well-functioning supply chain to survive. But today, you need more than that. The already intricate supply chain landscape continues to expand and become more complex. Gone are the days when companies could control all of their assets from one warehouse or even one country. You can’t afford to ignore the competitive advantage offered by an integrated, agile supply chain.

But you also can’t afford the cost and risks of most supply chain improvements. On average, only 40% of projects meet schedule, budget and quality goals. We’re not talking about minor overruns – on average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time. Even worse, they deliver 56% less value than predicted.

So how do you get one without the other? Is there a way to get the competitive advantage you need without the risks that you don’t?

Inspirage offers Management Consulting services designed with this increasing complexity in mind. We help you achieve the full potential of any transformation, which means giving you the power to transform your business processes with minimal disruption. Our management consulting team is dedicated to ensuring you maximize the value of your supply chain technology investments, which means that your teams not only need to know how to get the most out of the technology solutions, but you also need business processes and organizational alignment to quickly adapt to evolving business practices.

Inspirage comparison diagramsHow do we do it?

What makes Inspirage’s Management Consulting practice different from our competitors is the connection to digital, analytics and technology: We have the ability to both make recommendations for your supply chain organization and enact these recommendations with solutions designed to facilitate growth and change. What comes of this is the important coupling of consulting and technology – making Inspirage your one-stop shop for supply chain enablement and strategic planning services.

There’s a reason our projects are 91% on time and on budget and 96% of our clients achieve their goals. With the convergence between consulting and technology in mind, we look at our projects with the following key areas in mind:

  1. Strategic enablement: By starting with your supply chain performance we can benchmark how your company compares to others in your vertical and then strategize with you in order to improve on your current state, wherever that may be. With this strategic vision integrating technology with your product strategies, we can improve the overall performance of your application investments.
  2. Technology change adoption: We can help transition your people, processes and configured system, to the new ways of working that will help you achieve a quicker return on investment. Our IP driven change management framework conducted by supply chain consultants can act as a catalyst to drive the necessary change needed to propel your supply chain transformation.
  3. Realization of goals: When we bring together strategy with technology enabled processes across an integrated supply chain, the desired outcomes fall into place. To help sustain the benefits of your supply chain initiatives, we can provide you Business Process Services (BPaaS: Business-Process-as-a-Service) that augment your internal capabilities to enable you to continue improving and deploying your talent to where they add the most value.

If these sound like the opportunities you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Transformational Change Management

There’s another piece to this puzzle. During the implementation of your new technology, our consultants who are experienced supply chain practitioners can help ensure that you can make the transition from the previous way of working to the new way without any surprises along the road.

Change is difficult for anyone. For large enterprises, it takes a concerted effort to make sure all the working parts are functioning properly in tandem. When you partner with Inspirage, we bring together strategy, technology and goal-oriented enablement to help you reduce risk and take advantage of your new technology.

Our Solutions

Benchmarking CTA

Our focus on bringing together the right people, processes, technology & metrics to enact real change in your organization allows us to optimize your supply chain transformation. Here are the different services offered by our management consulting firm and how each of them can benefit our clients:

1. Strategic Advisory Services
– Strategy & Roadmap Development
– Supply Chain Performance Benchmarking
– Enterprise Value Assessment

Some organizations may not experience optimal performance of their supply chain. This could be for a number of reasons such as business process gaps and synchronization challenges, insufficient collaboration, lack of adequate training or not using technology correctly. Inspirage can conduct a supply chain benchmarking assessment to benchmark your company’s performance against the industry. How do you compare? Are you remaining competitive? This benchmark can help you prepare for improvement.

Our supply chain management consultants can help drive tactical improvements through an Enterprise Value Assessment focused on your processes and technology to drive improved supply chain performance.

If your organization is looking to uncover the opportunities that cloud provides and is not sure how to get there, Inspirage can help you develop the integrated strategic roadmap leveraging our large Cloud Center of Excellence.

2. Business Process Management
– Idea-to-Commercialize
– Source-to-Settle
– Order-to-Cash
– Plan-to-Produce

Our consulting practice works horizontally across all of three pillars of the Integrated Supply Chain – Innovation Management, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management – to create value for your company no matter what kind of help you need – technology agnostic or complementary. The solution you ultimately choose determines whether you will be spending more time configuring the software to your existing business processes or vice versa. With many legacy systems, instead of investing in a system and having to change what you do based on the system’s capabilities, you have a solution that is tailored to your needs. On the other hand, if you choose a cloud solution, you will most likely need to adjust your business process and organizational structure to leverage the best practices that are built into the solution. Either way, we can help you adopt the most effective business processes to help ensure you achieve your business objectives.

3. Organizational Change Management (including Education and Training)

Change management is more than training or communication. Business transformation is best achieved when people, processes, technology and metrics work together in parallel. Inspirage’s capability-focused organizational change management helps you integrate all of these elements together in the right way, right time and with the right people. Leveraging hundreds of implementations, Inspirage’s proven IP Change Management framework and tools can help you increase time to value and faster adoption of new ways of working and technology.

Additionally, Inspirage offers leading class training packages in order to foster the right talent development and knowledge retention your supply chain needs. We also offer a comprehensive training curriculum in order to help you get the most out of your Oracle tools. All of our tools and techniques are specific to whichever Oracle application you need more information about. Our three training options (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are designed to meet your development capacities and capabilities. Using our “4D” approach, along with interactive presentations, on-demand eLearning, quick reference cards and self-guided training kits, we can get your knowledge where it needs to be.

For more information, view the video demos for our ASCP eLearning courseDemantra training course and OTM eLearning course.

4. Business Process Services (BPaaS)

Inspirage offers supply chain managed services that augment your internal capabilities and enable you to more effectively deploy your talent where it matters most. This service has proven to help clients realize and sustain the return on their investment post deployment. It provides a scalable and high level of support to your business teams enabling increased agility and responsiveness to handle the events in your business and meet your goals.

Inspirage provides Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) in the following areas:

– Supply Chain Management
• Demand Management
• Supply Management
• Inventory Management
• Integrated Business Planning
• Supply Chain Optimization & Control Tower

– Logistics Management
• Carrier Rate Management
• Carrier Negotiations
• Accessorial Management Programs
• Logistics Control Tower (executive dashboard, analytics & insights)
• Import & Export Operations
• Trade Compliance

5. Cloud

Cloud technology provides significant return on investment with accelerated deployments and a focus more on configuration vs. customization. Inspirage Management Consulting can help your organization harmonize its processes and accelerate the transition to cloud with our large Cloud Process IP Flows based on industry best practices that are uniquely configured to best optimize the use of Oracle Cloud. We can also offer a rapid Business Readiness Assessment and Advanced On-Demand elearning training packages to fast-track the adoption of cloud tools in your organization.

Management ConsultingThe Bottom Line

By partnering with Inspirage, you get all the benefits of your technology investments and the advantage of knowing our experts are here to help you unlock the potential of your supply chain. Our management consulting firm houses all the knowledge necessary to propel your company into the lead.

You can learn more about our Management Consulting Services by downloading our data sheet or feel free to contact us.

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