Strategic Advisory Services

Providing an end-to-end ERP solution, Inspirage’s Strategic Advisory Services will help you improve the overall performance of your value chain applications and if you’re ready, put you on a path to the cloud.

Not sure where, or even if you should start a transition to the cloud? We can help, with our Roadmap to the Cloud strategy. We create a clear path to help companies determine next steps and how to migrate from on-prem to the cloud seamlessly by providing best-in-class Cloud-specific tactics.

With our strategy sessions, we ensure that companies are ready, able and prepared to migrate from on-prem to cloud with a clear plan of action providing a roadmap of which products they will use, the timeline for when to deploy and a comprehensive integration strategy. To start, we determine if the shift to the cloud is right for you.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Through our Cloud Center of Excellence, Inspirage continues to develop Cloud-specific methodologies, tools and accelerators to help our clients with Oracle Cloud implementations.

Since we focus solely on the integrated supply chain, we’re able to make significant investments in the process and the solutions to assist our customers with related challenges. This includes end-to-end services and full lifecycle management from roadmap and strategy sessions to design and implementation through infrastructure and hosting. It includes tools like preconfigured workflows, templates, processes, and training content, all thought through and documented in advance, to accelerate timelines and simplify processes. With so much complexity in our customers’ supply chains already, we put a premium on bringing as much simplicity as we can to make changes easier to implement and carry forward over time.

Many organizations are underutilizing their value chain management tools which is often driven by:

  • Business process gaps
  • Lack of adequate training
  • Suboptimal deployment of technology

With Inspirage’s Enterprise Value Assessment (EVA), you can:

  • Quickly identify how to improve the overall performance of your value chain applications
  • Determine how Enterprise Value Chain applications can be adapted to support business processes
  • Benchmark your company performance against industry
  • Prepare your company to embark on process improvements and/or implementation
  • Present viable options to undertake an implementation

Three Phase delivery approach will encompass the following:


Roadmap Services


  • Understand the business; goals, challenges & constraints
  • Organizational, capability, performance, systems, data

Assessment & Evaluation

  • High level business process requirements / capabilities
  • Capability / benefits prioritization
  • Systems architecture and performance assessment


  • Business process improvements
  • High level solution architecture, sequence of delivery and phasing
  • Software deployment models
  • Enabling Change
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