Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management

Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management: A Ten-Step Solution Process
James W. Martin – McGraw Hill 2007

This is an excellent reference for supply chain improvement projects. It is written for supply chain professionals to explain six sigma process methodologies and how they can be applied to improving real business processes.

Mr. Martin does an excellent job of pulling together a broad set of information to explain these quality improvement methodolgies and how these can be applied to supply chain processes. He has created a great reference. This is the type of book that you want to read while your working on a process improvement project. The concepts are directly applicable.

Kevin Creel

Kevin Creel | Key Contributor

Kevin Creel is a co-founder of Inspirage and currently serves as President, Strategy and Business Development. Mr. Creel leads the global business strategy and development organizations at Inspirage. He is a recognized subject matter expert for supply chain management business process and system design. Kevin frequently presents at industry and analyst events on subjects such as cloud supply chain systems. Prior to founding Inspirage, Kevin worked for Oracle Corporation as a product manager leading supply chain systems design with a focus on high tech and configure to order products. In this design role he acted as a “voice for the customer” leveraging his 15+ years of experience in business leadership and system engineering roles in the high tech and semiconductor industries. In 2008, Kevin was recognized by the Oracle Technical Network as an Oracle ACE for his thought leadership and educational contributions within the Oracle professional and user community.