Determining the right advanced planning modules for your company

With the spate of recent acquisitions from Oracle, the number of products that overlap in features and functions have increased tremendously. That is true with advanced planning modules as well.

For example, Oracle acquired PeopleSoft, which had previously acquired JD Edwards (JDE). JDE had previously acquired Numetrix. Oracle also acquired Demantra last year. This resulted in many different modules within the planning space that overlaps in functionality. For example, you can manage VMI within Demantra RT S&OP and within Collaborative Planning modules. You can plan safety stock within Demantra, Inventory Optimization and within Advanced Supply Chain Planning modules. Some level of detailed scheduling is possible in Advanced Supply Chain Planning in addition to Production Scheduling module.

However, not all the features, functions and capabilities are identical. Therefore, it is important for the customer to precisely define their needs and select the module that best suits their requirement and budget. It is also important to verify the product roadmap before deciding a module that is intended to be used for the long-term.

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Srini Subramanian

Srini Subramanian

Srini Subramanian | Key Contributor

Srini Subramanian is a co-founder and the CEO of Inspirage. Srini is a recognized leader in the field of supply chain management, as he has designed large-scale global supply chain planning solutions and advised global Fortune 500 firms in various SCM areas.