Oracle Rapid Planning – Quick Preview

Demand Increase from Key Customer? Quality Issue with Key Component? Supplier’s delivery delayed due to stormy weather?

Sounds familiar…Sure!!!

How do you react to such events that happen on short notice leaving planners scrambling to respond effectively? Want to re-run your planning cycle but it takes ~5-10 hours for complete planning cycle.

If you need an effective but faster way to respond to such supply chain events, you’re not alone in despair. Users in supply chain function were always asked to respond to these events in shortest possible time in most effective way with no integrated tool available to help. Thus, most planners revert back to manual methods or a complex spreadsheet to guess how best to respond to such scenarios.

Now, Oracle is scheduled to release a new tool to help planners respond to these scenarios more efficiently, with fast turnaround and using an integrated approach taking into account all available supply chain information.

Oracle Rapid Planning is tentatively schedule for late 2009 release to help planners in their day-to-day life find best answer to such supply chain events. Here are some key promises from Oracle Rapid Planning:

  • Empower planners with rapid what-if scenario planning
  • Leverage a strong UI for insightful analytics
  • Make faster decisions through collaboration
  • Translate decisions into actions

It is integrated with Demantra Real Time S&OP to help with Rapid S&OP simulation to help in following ways:

  • Quickly and interactively simulate impact of demand changes on the supply picture
  • Seeded templates for supply review, allocation decisions, and capacity review
  • Seamless S&OP workflow to plan demand and supply simultaneously and interactively

This is one of the most exciting tool to be released by Oracle in Advanced Planning area and is highly anticipated by planners community to help them in their daily life managing supply chain operations.

Stay tuned for more details….!!!

Navneet Goel

Navneet Goel | Key Contributor

Navneet Goel is a Managing Partner and Executive Vice President of Inspirage. He is responsible for managing and growing the Value Chain Practice. Navneet is a leading expert in the field of supply chain management with experience in design, development, implementation, and support of large-scale global supply chain solutions for Global Fortune 500 firms in various SCM areas.