Opnext implements Oracle ASCP to manage a multi-company supply chain

Larry Dooling, former CIO and VP Operations of Opnext Inc, will provide a presentation to the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) Advanced Planning Special Interest Group (SIG) on Tuesday, July 14, 2009. Mr. Dooling has agreed to repeat the presentation that he provided at OAUG’s Collaborate09 conference in May 2009 to a wider audience of the OAUG community via webcast!

Mr Dooling will explain how Opnext Inc implemented Oracle’s Advanced Supply Chain Planning application in 2008 to improve their scheduling processes and communication across their extended supply chain. Like many companies in the Optoelectronics manufacturing space, Opnext outsources the manufacture of some finished goods and subassemblies to contract manufacturing partners. Opnext utilized Oracle ASCP to model their entire supply chain including the inventory, WIP, and constraints of their supply chain partners.

The implementation leveraged the use of the following Oracle ASCP capabilities:
1. Ability to collect trading partner supply chain information by using ASCP legacy collections and multi-company planning ASCP features.
2. The use of a two level ASCP scheduling methods to most effectively manage constrained planning operations with critical components and bottleneck resources.
3. Integration with Oracle Global Order Promising

Subject: Multicompany planning with Oracle ASCP at Opnext
Presented by: Larry Dooling, (former CIO / VP Operations) Opnext , Inc.
Venue: Teleconference and Web Conference
Time: Tue, July 14, 2009 — 11:00 a.m. (Pacific (US) Time)

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Kevin Creel

Kevin Creel | Key Contributor

Kevin Creel is a co-founder of Inspirage and currently serves as President, Strategy and Business Development. Mr. Creel leads the global business strategy and development organizations at Inspirage. He is a recognized subject matter expert for supply chain management business process and system design. Kevin frequently presents at industry and analyst events on subjects such as cloud supply chain systems. Prior to founding Inspirage, Kevin worked for Oracle Corporation as a product manager leading supply chain systems design with a focus on high tech and configure to order products. In this design role he acted as a “voice for the customer” leveraging his 15+ years of experience in business leadership and system engineering roles in the high tech and semiconductor industries. In 2008, Kevin was recognized by the Oracle Technical Network as an Oracle ACE for his thought leadership and educational contributions within the Oracle professional and user community.