Join Inspirage at the 2013 Oracle Value Chain Summit

Inspirage is proud to be the Event level sponsor for Oracle’s 2013 Value Chain Summit, which will take place February 4 – 6, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.

The 2013 Oracle Value Chain Summit focuses on the best practice use of Oracle Value Chain applications. Attendees can choose from almost 200 sessions spanning all areas of supply chain management, including Value Chain Planning, Logistics, Product Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing, Procurement, and Maintenance. As the leading business process and systems consulting firm exclusively focused on Oracle Value Chain applications, we are excited to sponsor this year’s summit and share our deep product and industry expertise with all participants.

Please join Inspirage, Oracle, and our client executives in this great networking event to learn how leading companies have leveraged their supply chain as a key competitive advantage.

Key sessions with Inspirage and client executives are listed below.

Date Subject Speaker(s) Location
Feb 5, 2013
Keynote: The Sustainable Value Chain
Learn trends in how executives are evaluating and improving their supply chains to lower carbon missions and how Oracle Value Chain applications support planning and executing upon these improvements
Kevin Creel, Inspirage
Jon Chorley, Oracle
Amy Aves, Oracle
P.J. Simmons, Corporate Eco-Forum
Grand Ballroom
Feb 5, 2013
Best Practices for Global Deployments of Oracle Value Chain Planning Applications
Learn how leading companies have deployed Oracle Value Chain applications for managing demand and supply processes for large global supply chains. The benefits, challenges, and lessons learned of such deployments will be discussed.
Srini Subramanian, Inspirage
Roy Amozeg, Teva Pharmaceuticals
Mo Khurana, Smiths Medical
Charles Yett, Emerson Micro Motion
Pacific D&K
Feb 5, 2013 4:30pm
Best Practices in Integrated Business Planning
As Integrated Business Planning (IBP) continues to evolve, the significant value this process provides is in driving organizational, business process and management information integration across the entire enterprise. IBP is rapidly becoming the preferred leadership framework that not only provides the latest views and understanding of core business process performance and likely financial outcomes, but also a highly effective process to drive strategy alignment and deployment. In addition, the Management Business Review process step provides an effective forum for cross functional alignment on overall business assumptions including those related to the likely impact of portfolio management plans. This presentation will deliver an overview of IBP best practices and will also provide a focus on the positive impact brought by providing more effective planning of Product Lifecycle and Portfolio Management strategies.
Benjamin Abitbol, Timex
Terry Johnson, Oliver Wight
Grand Ballroom
Feb 6, 2013
Reduce Costs and Manage Risk Using Inventory and Network Design Optimization
Today’s increasingly volatile and global markets lead to variations in demand, prices, raw material, processing, and transportation costs, requiring companies to design agility and risk-resilience into their supply chain. By designing supply chain networks that place facilities and inventory at the optimal location, adopting optimal postponement strategies, supply chains can become both more responsive, and exhibit less risk. In this session learn how Value Chain Planning brings supply chain design and visibility together to optimally addresses these challenges and enable strategic planning processes for improved financial performance.
Boris Horvat, Acroni Steel
Paul Homchick and Alex Kim, Oracle
Pacific L
Feb 6, 2013 2:15pm
Increase Throughput and Cut Costs with better planning of Manufacturing Operations
This presentation will show how you can increase the throughput of bottlenecked plant resources, reduce inventory, increase resource utilization, and improve shop floor performance for both process and discrete industries. Attend this session to learn how to use Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Production Scheduling to achieve improvements in manufacturing cost and efficiency.
Lito Tolerja, Zebra Technologies
Alex Kim, Oracle
Pacific D&K
Feb 6, 2013
Trade Controls on Steroids: How to Dynamically Adjust to Increasing Enforcement for Highly Regulated Industries
Global Trade continues to trend toward even more complex oversight and enforcement, such as convoluted licensing requirements, supply chain and data security controls, and national-security based regimes (i.e. ITAR in the US). This session will explore various solutions that trade automation enables in order to allow for increased compliance activities.
Susan Gregory, Graco
Bob Hart, Inspirage
Dan Schoerner, Oracle

2013 Oracle Value Chain Summit

Location: Hyatt Regency San Francisco
5 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94111

Date: February 4 – 6, 2013

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