Inspirage Webcast: “Leadership Insights on Transforming S&OP Processes” Jane Barrett, Gartner and Michael Groesch, VP S&OP and NPI, NCR

Leadership Insights on Transforming S&OP ProcessesInspirage is pleased to present a recorded webcast featuring Gartner Group Vice President for Supply Chain Research Jane Barrett and for NCR Corporation’s Vice President of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and New Product Introduction (NPI) Michael Groesch. Together they present a compelling vision for how leading companies are transforming their S&OP processes by leveraging technology and rethinking collaborative processes to build more responsive supply chains. Inspirage is pleased to invite you to view the pre-recorded webinar.

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In this program, two leading supply chain experts reveal examples of how best-practice companies build today’s effective supply chain.

This presentation covers how leading companies:

  • Build a resilient supply chain that can respond to market changes and uncertainty
  • Deliver educated choices and an understanding of consequences for business leaders
  • Determine the effectiveness of your existing Sales and Operation planning process
  • Evolve your Sales and Operation Planning processes into Integrated Business Planning

Learn how these leading companies overcome obstacles, gain active participation from key stakeholders, and find the right supply chain solution for your organization. On behalf of the Inspirage team, we hope that you benefit from this educational session.

Speakers Bios:

Jane Barrett is the Group Vice President for Gartner’s Supply Chain Research group. Ms. Barrett leads the supply chain analyst group covering the end-to-end supply chain functions (plan, source, make, deliver, customer service and product life cycle) for the manufacturing and retail sectors. She also helps organizations with supply chain strategy and organization design, sales and operations planning, and related initiatives.

Mike Groesch is Vice President of Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) and New Product Introduction (NPI) for NCR Corporation, a 125-year old technology leader in the self-service industry. Mike is responsible for redesigning the global NCR S&OP process with specific emphasis on global forecasting, supply chain planning, and incorporation of product lifecycle management. Mike joined NCR in December 2008 after working at Microsoft Corporation for 13 years where he was involved in the Xbox manufacturing start-up and Xbox 360 strategy development. He installed the Entertainment and Devices Division S&OP process and custom tools at Microsoft and was also a product unit manager for the Zune Accessories business. Mike is a graduate from Purdue University with a master of science in industrial engineering and a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and holds three patents.

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