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On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, Inspirage Chief Executive Officer, Srini Subramanian, had the honor of introducing Nancy Aossey, President & CEO of International Medical Corps, during the morning’s first Keynote Session. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, International Medical Corps’ mission has been consistent: relieve the suffering of those impacted by war, natural disaster and disease, by delivering vital health care services that focus on training. This approach of helping people help themselves is critical to returning devastated populations to self-reliance. International Medical Corps has delivered more than $2.2 billion in humanitarian relief and training in 70 countries since 1984. Today its global staff of 8,200 provides assistance to devastated communities in the world’s hardest-hit areas, from Syria to Sierra Leone, Iraq to Afghanistan. For more information about International Medical Corps, visit 
their website: internationalmedicalcorps.orgBelow is the transcript of Srini’s introduction from the Modern Supply Chain Experience for those who could not attend the event:

Thank you Glenn. It’s a pleasure to introduce our next speaker, Nancy Aossey, the President & CEO of International Medical Corps. Before I invite her on stage I’d like to share a bit of background about how we got started working with this remarkable organization that has overcome seemingly insurmountable supply chain challenges.

For those of you who don’t know Inspirage, we are integrated supply chain specialists that help our customers achieve operational excellence, leveraging Oracle applications.

Most people think the supply chain it’s all about building and delivering products better, faster and cheaper. That’s the mission at hand, and an integrated supply chain is very crucial. But when your mission is working in disaster zones – moving people, such as doctors, engineers and the proper relief materials – an efficient supply chain can make the difference between life and death. No one knows more about this challenge more than International Medical Corps.

When we first met Nancy and learned about her team’s humanitarian relief work, we decided that as an organization, we wanted to do our part and for the broader global community by supporting International Medical Corps – in our own small way, helping make this world a better place.

I recently had the privileged of attending International Medical Corps annual fundraising dinner and I was absolutely amazed and inspired by their work, which she will now share with you today. International Medical Corps has been doing this important work for over 30 years under Nancy’s leadership, and she has scaled the organization up from three employees in 1984 to more than 8,200 today. To date, International Medical Corps has delivered more than $2.2 billion in assistance and training to millions of people in 70 countries. Nancy is a recognized expert in emergency medical relief and health care training, has testified before Congress and briefed the White House on humanitarian and global health issues.

If you want to learn more about their good work, members of Nancy’s team will be at a kiosk in our booth at the center of the Solutions Pavilion throughout the conference.

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, it is an honor to welcome my dear friend Nancy Aossey of International Medical Corps.

Watch the entire keynote below:

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