Oracle Release 11 Cloud Update – Are you ready?

The big question on everyone’s mind right now is “When will Oracle Release 11 Cloud come out?” This all depends on Oracle’s QA team, but the quick answer is, it is most likely to be released in the next few weeks, which is exciting, especially in the SCM space.

What’s in Release 11?

The next question people ask is “What’s going to be in R11 Cloud?” Note – This is not to be confused with Oracle’s E-Business Suite (on-premise) ERP Release Version. Oracle just issued some preview information that provides overview information, readiness training, and more. In the SCM space, they cover the following:

“The biggest question is not when or what, but really ‘How can you best take advantage of Oracle cloud and adopt it effectively?'”

In some cases R11 Cloud represents a huge amount of new functionality, which is very exciting. There’s a lot to consume here, and Inspirage will be hosting a series of webinars to help you better understand what advantages R11 Cloud can offer your supply chain. Stay tuned for more information.

Are you ready?

The biggest question you should be asking now, is not when or what, but really: “How can you best take advantage of Oracle cloud and adopt it effectively?” With any major IT transformation, in our view, before deploying you need to evaluate where you stand in the following 6 domains:

  • Organization & People: Enables organizational structures and talent competencies to be in place to successfully implement, operate and manage a cloud based environment
  • Process: Ensures business processes are in place to plan, implement and operate a cloud based IT environment
  • Operations: Represents areas that ensure cloud environment can be efficiently operated to meet or exceed the service levels that have been agreed upon, with effective use of automation to minimize manual effort
  • Business: Focuses on technology services to be utilized in an optimum way to deliver maximum value
  • Platform: Ensures solutions are architected and designed in an optimum way to achieve expected levels of functionality and quality while balancing the cost of building and operating the solution
  • Security: Adopts comprehensive approach to implement security within the cloud environment and software solutions it supports

That’s a lot to consider. The good news is we’ve been working on this issue for some time now and have developed a Cloud Transformation model and assessment tool to help you answer these tough questions. This tool, along with our Strategy services will help you assess your maturity level on many fronts and determine plans of action from a business process, change management, operations, etc. standpoint to help ensure success of your implementation.

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Mo Khurana

Mo Khurana | Key Contributor

Mo Khurana is the leader of our global Management Consulting practice. At Inspirage, Mo helps our clients with transformational challenges and opportunities and has built and developed our Management practice that specializes in: Business Process Management, Organizational Change Management, Strategic Advisory Services and Education & Training.