How SMBs Can Benefit from Oracle Procurement Cloud

Many Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) recognize the advantage of integrated procurement solutions to streamline sourcing processes and deliver more savings with fewer resources. Unfortunately, high upfront costs and a host of other constraints prevent these companies from buying best-in-class procurement solutions. Today, Oracle Procurement Cloud solutions offer easy and cost-effective ways for SMBs to move to integrated procurement solutions.

This article describes three of the most important benefits that can be achieved by moving to Oracle Procurement Cloud:

  1. Lower Costs with Increased Business Agility: Oracle’s multi-layer approach, cloud services, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), allow SMBs to lower their capital cost by eliminating the purchase of computing. Additionally, this allows infrastructures and their operating costs of hardware maintenance and software deployments to adopt Oracle Cloud’s fixed, predictable price subscriptions. By moving to Oracle’s Procurement Cloud Solutions, SMBs can concentrate more on their core business transformative projects than on IT Support tasks, such as application patch upgrades and help desk issues.
  1. Procurement Services for Every Situation: Oracle Procurement Cloud solutions provide an end to end SaaS offering for both the strategic (Sourcing and Procurement Contracts) and transactional (Self Service Procurement, Purchasing and Supplier Portal) sides of procurement. The beauty of procurement solutions delivered via the cloud is that they provide ease and flexibility to adopt the services the business needs. Furthermore, SMBs can start with the transactional side of procurement and incrementally add more functionalities as needed.
  1. Future-proofing the IT Infrastructure: One of biggest challenges is the reoccurring investment in new applications, which occurs every year or so. With Oracle’s Cloud solutions, SMBs can take advantage of best-in-breed software and functionalities with lower upfront costs and less investment risk. There’s no infrastructure to buy or upgrade, and paying via monthly subscription means more predictable costs. Additionally, new features and patches are added seamlessly without the involvement of internal IT resources.
Latish Mallam

Latish Mallam | Key Contributor

Latish Mallam is a Manager, Consulting for Inspirage. For the past 12 years, he has led multiple Oracle eBusiness Suite implementations in Supply Chain Execution and Planning as a Track Lead and Solution Architect.