Implement Product MDM Solution to Create Competitive Advantage

In today’s complex Supply Chain environment enterprises have multiple Product Life Cycle, Product Data Management, ERP, Sales Catalogs, Order Capture and Fulfillment systems that all possess master data information. Due to these multiple systems, the most common challenges organizations face are:

  • Fragmented data
  • Lack of governance
  • Poor data quality
  • Non-standard data sharing

At Inspirage, we adopt a unique approach with Enterprise Data Management. We start from the ground up, focusing to establish a strong foundation by first creating a detailed strategy and roadmap to determine what you need and what it will take to have a robust data management solution in place. Our EDM offerings are platform agnostic. We have many different solutions we can implement depending on your need and what tools and systems you have in place. We focus on people, process and technology to set up, implement and oversee an EDM solution that works perfectly for you.

Below are the key best practices to help organizations succeed with product master data management solutions. Business and IT professionals involved in running product MDM programs should use these practices to help build a successful business case for product MDM, create the right data governance, and make the right choices of MDM for product data technologies and architectures.

“We focus on people, process and technology to set up, implement and oversee an EDM solution that works perfectly for you.”

  • Get high-level sponsorship and business buy-in
  • Develop a business case
  • Understand the different MDM technology capabilities needed, whether you buy or build
  • Establish strong data governance
  • Identify PIM use cases and plan for evolving requirements
  • Ensure that data quality is part of your PIM/MDM implementation

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Vikas Kirti

Vikas Kirti | Key Contributor

Vikas Kirti is the EDM Practice Lead at Inspirage. Vikas has 16+ years of industry and consulting leadership experience, selling and managing global business transformation projects. He has helped clients overcome Enterprise Data Management challenges including information strategy, data governance, enterprise data architecture, data modeling, data transformation, data migration, conversion etc. Vikas is PMP, CSCP and CPIM certified and has published more that 30 articles and white papers on MDM.