Inspirage Releases Definitive Research Study on Cloud SCM

Inspirage recently released the results of in-depth research study covering several aspects of how companies are adopting Cloud SCM solutions. We surveyed over 200 Supply Chain and IT executives as well as conducted over 30 in-depth interviews looking at the following issues:

  • What are the key challenges they face today?
  • How are supply chain business and IT executives thinking about the Cloud to address these challenges
  • In which areas are businesses adopting Cloud solutions today? What is their strategy going forward?
  • What concerns do they have that would prevent them from leveraging Cloud technologies?

While there is a great deal of research already in the marketplace looking at how companies are adopting cloud, our study was particularly focused on the supply chain and specific applications they’re adopting.  In addition to looking into how Business Leaders think vs. IT, we also delved into Mid-Sized vs. Large Enterprise as well as top three industry segments, High Tech, Consumer Products, and Industrial Manufacturing.

We invite you to download a copy of the study.

Download Study

Or if you’re interested in hearing the full explanation, watch a recording of a recent webinar, where Mo Khurana, our Senior Practice Director of Global Management Consulting, will talk you through the study.

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Julie Legrand

Julie Legrand | Key Contributor

Julie manages PR and marketing for Inspirage. Making her home in San Francisco, Julie has been working in the enterprise software field for nearly 20 years, as both a consultant and marketing professional.