Business Drivers to Implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud

While software upgrades are a daily routine for business enterprises– the change to an ERP solution remains a unique qualifier for most organizations – one that requires deep industry knowledge as well as insight into the enterprise’s future growth trajectory.

In this podcast, Del explains how the selection and deployment of a Cloud ERP solution became an emphasis as CFO Inspirage.

After identifying the areas where processes needed improvement, scalability and integration, Inspirage chose to implement a complete, end-to-end solution rather than trying to continually modify their legacy systems that weren’t designed to work together.

Inspirage selected Oracle ERP Cloud to serve as the core of their fully integrated, end-to-end solution – from marketing and sales to project estimation and finance. Inspirage went live with their Oracle Financials Cloud solution within three months.

Listen as Jack Sweeney, host of CFO Thought Leader podcast and Del Clark, Chief Financial Officer at Inspirage talk about Inspirage’s business drivers to implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud.

Julie Legrand

Julie Legrand | Key Contributor

Julie manages PR and marketing for Inspirage. Making her home in San Francisco, Julie has been working in the enterprise software field for nearly 20 years, as both a consultant and marketing professional.