Inspirage Establishes Cloud-Based End-to-End Infrastructure

Inspirage created a platform for transforming business processes with Oracle Cloud Solutions. From marketing through sales, finance, and project management, Inspirage has set a course to reduce the number of systems from 16 down to five. These efforts to simplify and reduce IT management burden and costs has allowed IT to focus on strategic projects that advance the business.

Inspirage looked to Oracle’s Cloud offerings to build a complete, end-to-end solution. Rolling out five cloud solutions concurrently created a unique challenge, so Inspirage leveraged their own Rapid Value Implementation Methodology to simplify and speed up the process.

Inspirage’s rapidly growing business was no longer supported by disparate legacy applications. The Oracle Cloud solution provided Inspirage with a comprehensive platform for extending insight that supported more strategic business decisions and improved productivity of business across the globe.

Rather than trying to continually modify their legacy systems that was not designed to work together, Inspirage looked at Oracle Cloud applications since they knew they would offer a flexible, secure, and scalable solution that could be implemented quickly.

Julie Legrand

Julie Legrand | Key Contributor

Julie manages PR and marketing for Inspirage. Making her home in San Francisco, Julie has been working in the enterprise software field for nearly 20 years, as both a consultant and marketing professional.