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Bellevue, WA – In 2016, Inspirage conducted a major market research study of over 200 business and IT executives looking into their perceptions of moving to the Cloud. While most executives recognize the business imperatives of modernizing their IT structure, there were three major concerns holding them back: rapid value return on investment, integration and agility. Inspirage now offers a comprehensive ERP Cloud in 90 Days program to address these obstacles for companies to quickly respond to a changing marketplace.

This program was developed by Inspirage’s Cloud Center of Excellence and consulting leaders leveraging extensive industry experience, lessons learned from Cloud implementations, and a long standing history as an Oracle Cloud Co-Development Partner since 2012. M-Cubed was designed to address these client concerns by offering three core solutions: Measure, Migrate and Manage.

“We have developed this exciting program to help our customers achieve their business goals in record time. In order for businesses to build a case for change they need to measure their current state, thus our INsights Benchmarking Service,” states Srini Subramanian, CEO, Inspirage, “our next innovative offering is, iHub Cloud Service, now in it’s fourth generation, it includes pre-built, two-way integrations from both Oracle and non-Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud. Finally, in order to help manage Cloud deployments, we offer a Rapid Value 90 program to help customers deploy Oracle Cloud applications in 90 days or less and provide an enhanced Managed Services offering to deliver continued support after customers go live.”

How do we know if business improved after implementing this solution?

The first obstacle of building a business case for technology transformation initiatives is for our client’s initial need to measure their current state in order to understand the ROI of their future state. Inspirage’s INsights Benchmarking service helps companies accomplish this critical business requirement.

The Inspirage research study showed that while executives intuitively believe that the Cloud will help them reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and improve customer service levels, they lack tangible data to build a business case around these measures. Now, Inspirage’s INsights Benchmarking service can help identify areas for improvement, value from achieving these results and opportunities to compare to industry standards. The INsights Benchmarking is a 2 to 3 week initiative that allows customers to identify opportunities and set quantifiable targets for improvements.

We have multiple systems and even homegrown databases.  How can we easily integrate them into one system without spending a lot of time and effort?

The second challenge companies anticipate in moving to the cloud is related to integration issues. Inspirage recently launched the 4th generation iHub Cloud Service (iHub CS), as a unified platform to migrate data. This platform is designed to manage integrations across mixtures of on-premise and Cloud-based solutions, including big data, mobile and IoT devices without the hassles and complexities of traditional integration platforms.

Respondents to the Inspirage Cloud study chose lack of system integration as the top obstacle to them achieving their supply chain organization goals and objectives. Moreover, other top concerns are arguably also integration-related such as Forecast Accuracy and Demand, Problems with Data Integrity, and a Lack of Visibility Across Supply Chain. These integration obstacle hamper efforts to do more strategic work within the supply chain organization.

Whether businesses are dealing with on-prem to on-prem, or on-prem to Cloud, or Cloud to Cloud, integration is sometimes the largest element of any IT initiative. Not only are integrations difficult to build in the first place, but they need to be scalable respond to system updates and upgrades, and also must be flexible enough to connect with new systems in the future. iHub CS offers pre-built integrations from non-Oracle applications to the Oracle Cloud and the reverse.

How can we implement this solution fast, but without compromising the business value?

Finally, companies need an agile plan to manage system implementations and deploy and maintain them over time. The Rapid Value 90 program gets businesses live on Oracle Cloud applications in 90 days or less and Inspirage has optimized their highly regarded Managed Services practice to help businesses maintain and improve on their Cloud solutions after they go live.

Business and IT leaders want solutions that not only can be deployed quickly but are also easy to maintain. The study found that leaders are looking to deploy Cloud solutions extremely quickly, while maintaining a flexible solution that responds to constantly changing business and technology conditions. To address this need, Inspirage configured their proven Rapid Value and Applications Managed Services (AMS) offerings for a number of Oracle ERP Cloud applications, which can be implemented in 90 Days or less.

About Inspirage: Inspirage is the integrated supply chain specialist firm solving business critical challenges from design to delivery. The company delivers end-to-end consulting and implementation solutions that link Innovation Management, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management. Inspirage partners with their customers to break down information silos and optimize performance to accelerate innovation, fuel growth and achieve operational excellence. Inspirage is a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) and has been recognized by Oracle with numerous awards, including the 2016, 2015 and 2014 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, the company has global presence with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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