Inspirage Chief Security Officer Discusses Mobile Security with BizTech Magazine

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Inspirage Chief Security Officer Norm Messenger recently sat down with CDW’s BizTech Magazine to discuss how the integrated supply chain specialists embrace the Cloud to keep 500+ employees safe wherever they roam around the globe.

“Managing and securing employee-owned and corporate mobile devices in a traditional office environment is complex enough, but what if a company is growing rapidly? What if it owns no technology infrastructure? What if most employees work remotely — throughout the U.S. and abroad?

That’s the dilemma Inspirage Chief Security Officer Norm Messenger faced as his firm grew from a 40-person startup to a 525-employee global consulting powerhouse over the last six years.

Inspirage, which has a small headquarters in Bellevue, Wash., and three offices in India, deploys supply chain management software for some of the world’s biggest companies. Its consultants work onsite at customer locations in 40 countries and rely on notebook computers. Mobile security is paramount for dealing with sensitive customer data.

To manage its notebooks and meet customer security requirements, Messenger and his IT team recently turned to the cloud. First, they installed Active Directory in the cloud to authenticate users. Then Inspirage deployed VMware AirWatch, cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) software to enforce security policies.”

Norm Messenger

Norm Messenger | Key Contributor

Norm is the Chief Security Officer For Inspirage. He is also an experienced aerospace and defense professional with more than 30 years of experience in federal and commercial program management, integrated logistics support, IT systems development, financial management, and operations research. He has been a Solution Director for Oracle and Inspirage focusing on service lifecycle management and supply chain management solutions for large enterprise customers. Norm blogs on a variety of topics across these domains.