Why Companies Are Transferring Parts of Their Supply Chain Tasks

Organizations significantly rely on the reliable flow of supply chain processes to fuel their inventory and provide services and products to their customers. There are a lot of steps involved in creating and delivering goods, including ordering the right materials and having them all show up on time. These processes all hinge on the supply chain and add complexity to business operations.

As the supply chain becomes a more pivotal piece to company bottom lines, more groups are pursuing business-process-as-a-service. Let’s take a closer look at the value of BPaaS and why more organizations are transferring their supply chain tasks.

Better compliance adherence

Federal and industry regulations place considerable pressure on each part of the supply chain to complete certain tasks and manage sensitive items in specific ways. We’ve written about numerous requirements in the past, including Restriction of Hazardous Substances, Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment and traceability of medical supplies. Companies must also disclose information about sourcing and supply chain practices, and ensure food safety under the Sanitary Transport Rule, according to Supply Chain Digital contributor Mickey North Rizza. To maintain all of these expectations, organizations must have full visibility within the supply chain, which can be costly and time-intensive to achieve.

By using BPaaS, organizations can improve their compliance adherence. Global Market Insight noted that management services help obey standards like labor law and financial report filings to maintain practices across all units. This enables better business coordination and control for all parts of the supply chain.

More companies are outsourcing their processes. More companies are outsourcing their processes.


Maximize benefits

While organizations might feel some hesitation to outsource due to control requirements, the benefits of BPaaS cannot be ignored. With an end-to-end BPaaS solution, organizations can gain quicker insight to demand changes, increase responsiveness and collaborate more effectively with external partners. Inspirage offers BPaaS that will help elevate your processes beyond demand forecasting to make tangible improvements across your supply chain. To find out more about how BPaaS and BPO can benefit your operations, contact Inspirage today.

Craig Moore

Craig Moore | Key Contributor

Craig Moore is a results-driven, cross-functional IT / global supply chain management professional with 18 years of experience in all aspects of ERP implementations, project management and supply chain. He has been a catalyst for major systems process improvements with strong relationship management skills demonstrated by global internal / external alliance building to achieve operational efficiencies and organizational goals.