What sets the best supply chain management system integrators apart?

Like many other software-driven tasks, supply chain planning has become increasingly automated in recent years, with modern cloud-based applications enabling organizations to reduce their reliance on manual workflows. IT research firm Gartner has even estimated demand for cloud computing services would grow 18 percent year-over-year in 2017. To get value from cloud supply chain management (SCM) solutions, organizations need more than just suitable technology; they also need expert system integrators that can map out and deliver on acquisition, installation and post-implementation processes.

Evaluating SCM options: Technology is only one piece of the puzzle

Today’s SCM offerings bring many sophisticated features to the table and may support cloud as well as on-premises applications. Between cloud and on-prem, these different types of programs support critical functions such as:

  • Deduction and settlement management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Procurement
  • Service parts planning
  • Advanced forecasting and demand modeling
  • Production scheduling
  • Manufacturing

At the same time, technology is only one piece in the larger puzzle of finding a viable SCM platform. Every industry has unique requirements, necessitating SCM vendors with relevant experience and expertise.

Working with Inspirage can boost your time to value on key projects.Working with Inspirage can boost your time to value on key projects.

For example, imagine you are considering an Oracle SCM solution. The technical features of the Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud already allow for easy viewing of plans along with straightforward identification and management of fulfillment risks. Working with an end-to-end Oracle services provider such as Inspirage will enhance the value of these capabilities by providing custom views for actionable insights.

Moreover, setting up the SCM solution is much easier if your partner has a proven methodology for accelerating deployment. Successful approaches to implementation may be further enriched by proprietary tools and value-added services for getting the most from business intelligence, analytics and enterprise data management and change management, especially during transitions to the Oracle cloud.

Making cloud SCM work for your organization

Cloud is an appealing avenue for SCM deployments. However, not every organization can move all of its data and applications into the cloud, whether because of security concerns or technical difficulties in migrating specific systems. Enter the hybrid cloud.

According to RightScale, hybrid cloud is by far the most popular cloud deployment model. It also presents unique challenges in interconnection of architectures, security and scalability. Partners equipped with what IT research firm Gartner has termed “centers of excellence” are well-prepared to guide the often complicated move to hybrid clouds, thanks to experienced consultants and thoroughly honed processes for implementation, support and maintenance.

These amenities not only ensure SCM projects stay on track and ahead of schedule, but they also save many companies money that otherwise might have gone toward expensive planning software. As more organizations turn to the cloud, such speed and cost-effectiveness will become vital differentiators between SCM solutions partners, who must demonstrate proficiency in working on condensed timelines.

Inspirage has a proven track record in delivering time-to-value for its customers. In Gartner’s most recent Market Guide for Supply Chain integrators, Inspirage was listed as one of the top vendors with experience implementing Oracle solutions and was noted for having received Oracle certifications. Inspirage also has experience implementing Oracle products where ever you may be as noted in the report – with a global reach. The Gartner report also showed that Inspirage has been actively implementing projects worldwide with a focus on projects in North America, Western Europe and APAC. In addition, we have a broad portfolio of SCM solutions tailor-made for specific project requirements and for a variety of industries. While the Gartner report pointed out that Consumer Products, High Tech, Discrete Manufacturing and Life Sciences are our specialties, we are ready to tackle any project! Visit our main SCM page today to learn more or download our Hybrid Cloud ebook to find out more about how to begin your move to the Cloud.

Rob Knapp

Rob Knapp | Key Contributor

Rob Knapp is a recognized industry leader and contributes to the growth of Inspirage as Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management. Rob joined Inspirage from Oracle where he was Consulting Vice President. He brings depth to Inspirage clients across supply chain management areas based on his experience advising many Fortune 500 firms.