5 Recommended Tools to Build Cloud

By building a cloud ERP, you can put your organization on the track toward a superior supply chain as well as digital operations that address the Internet of Things, blockchain technology and more. But while the “why” of cloud transformation is obvious, the “how” is less clear. ERP transitions almost inevitably feel overwhelming. Accordingly, it pays to have specific tools in mind before you make the leap.

In this blog, we will examine five transformation ERP solutions from Oracle that will streamline your cloud journey.

1. Design-to-Deploy

This solution helps you maintain a consistent product pipeline. It supports initial product planning, along with the subsequent development and commercialization, thanksĀ to streamlined management of your marketing, sales and manufacturing data. At Inspirage, we leverage our expertise in the PLM Cloud to deliver the best results at the design-to-deploy stage.

2. Plan-to-Produce

Seeking a way to reduce overhead in manufacturing? Look no further. Plan-to-produce helps balance supply and demand and provides insight into your entire supply chain. You can also more easily define your processes and produce the corresponding work orders. Analytics on everything from accounting to customer responsiveness help you make informed decisions about your operations.

3. Order-to-Cash

Order-to-cash is a complex process requiring a comprehensive solution. Oracle Order-to-Cash rises to the challenge with tools for managing all of the key inflection points, including:

  • Order change management
  • Global supply view
  • Pricing and tax information
  • Order backlogs
  • Fulfillment orchestration

4. Record-to-Report

How is your business performing at any given moment? With record-to-report functionality in your ERP, you can remove any uncertainty around your company’s performance in meeting customer expectations and working with key suppliers. Record-to-report ensures readily available feedback, not only on corporate financials but also on other operations and how they are (or aren’t) aligning with your strategic vision.

5. Procure-to-Pay

Within a procurement cloud, procure-to-pay (P2P) offers a way to automate the source-to-settle process. You can navigate all steps from initial identification of sourcing events, through negotiation and invoicing and finally to payment for any goods received. P2P is also your go-to resource for supplier qualification management and indirect spend management.

As integrated supply chain and Oracle experts, the Inspirage team can help you turn your cloud ERP vision into a reality through these five solutions and others. Learn more by visiting our Resource Center or contacting our team.

Rob Knapp

Rob Knapp | Key Contributor

Rob Knapp is a recognized industry leader and contributes to the growth of Inspirage as Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management. Rob joined Inspirage from Oracle where he was Consulting Vice President. He brings depth to Inspirage clients across supply chain management areas based on his experience advising many Fortune 500 firms.