How to simplify your transition to the cloud

If you had to build or add on to a house, would you do it yourself? Probably not, unless you were an experienced carpenter – you’d hire an outside contractor to make the job easier.

The same is true for cloud transitions. Moving business-critical infrastructure, applications and services from a traditional on-prem environment into a public, private or hybrid cloud is best done in tandem with outside experts, who can provide the tools and expertise for streamlining the entire process.

The difference a cloud system integrator can deliver

Upgrading to cloud services often means integrating your current IT systems with ones from a different vendor. For example, say you’re implementing apps from the Oracle ERP Cloud with non-Oracle source systems. This can create some significant challenges, as Oracle itself has documented.

In a 2017 post on common cloud pitfalls, an Oracle blogger identified the issues with assuming you have the right skill sets to tackle the complexities of cloud migration, and with moving too quickly or struggling with application customization. Tools such as iHub CS from Inspirage help you overcome these exact hurdles.

With iHub CS, you can easily connect Oracle solutions to your existing source systems. Pre-built integrations seamlessly link cloud and on-prem applications, Internet of Things infrastructure, mobile devices and big data systems. iHub goes far beyond traditional integration platforms with its intuitive dashboard with embedded analytics and data mapping tools, plus secure protocols including EDI and JSON.

The end result is a smoother journey away from SAP, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft or legacy systems and into a modern cloud, thanks to iHub’s advanced out-of-the-box functionality. Inspirage’s expert team will oversee your migration to ensure it translates into concrete business value.

Paving the way to a cloud solution with real ROI

Beyond iHub CS, Inspirage’s tools and services will accelerate your progress in the cloud without compromising on performance or security:

  • Our Rapid Value Methodology is designed to deploy most Oracle Cloud applications in 90 days or fewer, although projects can also take on bigger scopes.
  • We can help with core Oracle apps for supply chain management and ERP, Product Value Chain Cloud products and logistics management.
  • Through our tiered service offering, you can customize the level of guidance for your migration, from just core app implementation to extensive production support, custom reporting and other services and processes layered on to iHub CS.
  • Inspirage management consulting can help you with change management, technical trainings and business process improvements.
  • Our team can perform multiple assessments to determine your readiness and suggest next steps, such as the use of solutions like iHub CS and applications managed services.

The Inspirage team is committed to helping you get the most value from your cloud solutions and avoid the most common complications during transitions. As Gartner states in their 2019 Critical Capabilities for Oracle Cloud Applications Services, Worldwide: “[Inspirage’s] In2Cloud offering provides an end-to-end solution focused on accelerating Oracle Cloud adoption and focuses efforts and IP to make implementations faster, minimize risk and lower integration costs.”

Download the report above or learn more by visiting our Resource Center or contacting our team directly.

Navneet Goel

Navneet Goel | Key Contributor

Navneet Goel is a Managing Partner and Executive Vice President of Inspirage. He is responsible for managing and growing the Value Chain Practice. Navneet is a leading expert in the field of supply chain management with experience in design, development, implementation, and support of large-scale global supply chain solutions for Global Fortune 500 firms in various SCM areas.