Enterprise Data Management

Helping companies leverage master data information across multiple systems

Enterprise Data Management DatasheetIn today’s complex supply chain environment, enterprises have multiple Product Life Cycle, Product Data Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Sales Catalog, Order Capture and Fulfillment systems that all contain master data information. Due to the use of these varied systems, the most common challenge with master data management is fragmented data across disparate systems. In addition, data is often duplicated within divisions, non-standard definitions of the data are used across the enterprise and there is a lack of established governance policies and procedures.

Inspirage’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) practice addresses these challenges. Our EDM practice is unique – we start from the ground up. We focus on using Enterprise Data Management to establish a strong foundation. First, we create a detailed roadmap to determine what a company’s needs are and what it will take to have a robust data management solution in place. Our proven step-by-step, iterative implementation plan promotes IT solutions but addresses business problems and institutes ownership across the entire process, making sure master data is properly syncing up with all other systems.

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