iHub Cloud Service

Integrating your Cloud and On-Prem systems with Inspirage’s Application Middleware Platform

iHubCSWhether you’re dealing with on-prem to on-prem or on-prem to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud, integration is sometimes the largest element of any IT initiative. Not only does the integration need to be built, but it needs to be scalable to handle increased data volumes, as well as a diverse set of objects types and ever-changing business processes. Furthermore, the integration solution must be flexible to respond to system updates and upgrades with minimal impact.

How can companies quickly embrace the Cloud while maintaining their existing IT solutions that still have some legs to them?

Inspirage’s iHub Cloud Service (iHub CS®) solution is a unified platform for end-to-end data and application integration. This platform is designed to manage integrations across mixtures of on-prem and Cloud-based solutions, including big data, mobile and IoT devices without the hassles and complexities of traditional integration platforms. Now in its fourth generation, iHub CS® unites not only the traditional on-prem solutions, but is available to support the latest Oracle R11 and R12 Cloud offerings.

iHub is a flexible solution that offers reusable integration assets and out-of-the-box functionalities to complete business processes (i.e., credit check, third party fulfillment, DM forecasting, etc.).

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