Inspirage Mining Asset Management Solution

Strategic Spare Parts & Inventory Management for Mining Operations

Mining Asset Management SolutionMining assets in general involve lots of capital. As a result, there is a very high expectation that mining equipment should operate 24/7 without downtime. Mining companies strive to maintain the optimal level of spare parts inventory to make necessary repairs at any given moment, without tying up too much capital. With globally dispersed operations, antiquated systems, and long lead times it is difficult to provide worldwide inventory visibility and to share spare parts across geographies.

Inspirage’s Mining Asset Management Solution combines a proven set of Oracle products with our industry-specific enhancements. This solution enables the user to collect and present global mining inventory data on a single platform. A pre-configured set of forecasting parameters takes into account historical parts usage, the setup of strategic inventory levels, and robust forecasting tools all contribute towards the overall enhancement of the effectiveness of Oracle product deployments

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