Integrated Logistics Management (ILM) Mobile App by Inspirage

New OTM Mobile App for Shippers/3PLs

ILMapp“I don’t have control of my shipments once they leave my facility.” This is most common problem stated by logistics service providers and corporate shippers around the world today – even if they are running a state of the art transportation management system (TMS) like OTM.

While a TMS can optimize planning and routing, it is relatively helpless when it comes to recording real-time activities on the ground.

Delay in recording such events, adversely impacts customer service levels and increases logistics costs. Inability to record incidents like detentions on the customer side (or at the receiving facility) and damages accruing at the destination can result in shipment cost escalation. This can leave the shipper without any means to recover legitimate costs for the 3PL and lead to revenue leakage.

Given the dexterity and savviness of most users today, a more cost effective approach to overcome such challenges is to leverage the capabilities of the smart phone. Inspirage has designed Integrated Logistics Management (ILM), a mobile application which will work in concert with its OTM cloud pre-configured solution for asset based 3PLs.

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