High Tech

High TechTo keep up with advancing technology, high-tech companies must continuously innovate and develop new products. Companies need to offer a consistent and integrated customer experience, connect cognitive tools to the digital twin, and leverage digitally-enhanced products to meet customer demand.

The high-tech industry faces a number of challenges including customer connectivity and end-to-end visibility, customer demands for highest quality products, and competitive pressures from startups and dominant players.

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Trends & Challenges – High Tech
Digital Transformation Connected Products Omnichannel Experience System Engineering Validation Service & Distribution Visibility Vertical Integration

Digital Transformation

Helping you embrace these trends while at the same time overcoming these obstacles

Connected Products

Leveraging digitally-enhanced products and experiences that incorporate IoT, AR, and VR, spanning the entire customer lifecycle

Omnichannel Experience

Offering a consistent, integrated, and digitally-enhanced customer experience 24/7, regardless of channel

System Engineering Validation

Connecting cognitive tools to the digital twin, giving engineers immediate feedback on choices in full systems engineering

Service & Distribution

Customer demands for highest quality products delivered through holistic, instantaneous, and personalized experiences


Multi-tiered channel proliferation prevents end-to-end visibility and customer connectivity

Vertical Integration

Competitive pressures from start-ups and dominant players threaten vertically integrated firms and discourage co-opetition

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