Customer Spotlight: Auto Manufacturer

OTM as a Single Source of Truth

A multinational automaker set the ambitious goal of removing at least $1 billion in expenses from its supply chain. Under its previous setup, it struggled daily with the high costs of limited insight into its different sectors and their shipments, since it was relying on separate vendors for key tasks such as procurement, planning and logistics.

The automaker engaged with Inspirage with the primary goals of ensuring global data governance, enabling transparency into key performance indicators and gaining better overall positions in planning, negotiation and implementation. The eventual solutions revolved around Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), into which Inspirage helped integrate all predefined route schedules, plans and rates, along with materials orders that were originally managed through an in-house legacy platform. OTM became a new central data repository, serving as a single source of truth that simplified the organization’s supply chain, trimmed numerous costs and delivered a straightforward experience to its users.

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