Customer Spotlight: Pulp and Paper Manufacturer

Optimizing Logistics in the Cloud

An industry-leading paper and pulp manufacturer looked to optimize its logistics operations and deliver improved service to its customers. The manufacturer had already implemented — with the help of Inspirage — Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) for extensive automation, reliable forecasting and straightforward expenditure tracking. Most recently, it sought to migrate to the Oracle Cloud for increased operational efficiencies as well as less overhead in both the administration and upgrading of its key systems.

The driver behind the cloud migration was reduced infrastructure cost and smoother upgrades. Moving OTM to Oracle Cloud would simplify the previously onerous task of making sure OTM was updated to the latest software versions, while trimming hosting and licensing fees along the way.

As part of the migration, the company wanted to mitigate the risk of losing historical data (which would jeopardize audit passage requirements) and facilitate easier database access for its teams, including external and multi-domain users. On the more technical side, the company required a new infrastructure for multi-source reporting and document retention. And, it needed to continue business processes during the switchover while maintaining access to OTM data.

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