The Nature’s Bounty Company

Learn how The Nature’s Bounty Co. used Oracle Transportation Management and Inspirage’s Rapid Value Solutions to overhaul their Transportation Management System

NaturesBountyCaseStudyThe Nature’s Bounty Co. is the largest nutritional supplement manufacturer and distributor in North America with revenues of $3.2B. They have facilities in the U.S., Canada, China, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa and the Netherlands. Their brands include The Nature’s Bounty Co., Puritan’s Pride, Holland & Barrett, Sundown Naturals, Solgar, MET-Rx, Ester-C, Natural Wealth, etc.

The Nature’s Bounty Co.’s IT systems were over 25 years old (mostly home grown) and were not deemed fit to support the rapid growth of the company. The company felt that their systems needed to be overhauled to support their growth. The Nature’s Bounty Co. created a 5-year plan to improve their systems.

Their manual transportation system was ready for an upgrade. The legacy system couldn’t automatically process the business requirements to support carrier preferences that many customers needed. That task was a manual responsibility for the associates. The legacy system also lacked electronic communication to the carrier’s systems for tendering and supported only limited visibility of carrier data about appointments and shipments in transit. Also, there was no data warehouse around transportation metrics that could provide analytics for The Nature’s Bounty Co. to highlight where improvements could be made to reduce freight costs or improve carrier performance & customer satisfaction.

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Terry Rhuttan from The Nature’s Bounty Company took a strategic and surgical approach when prioritizing The Nature’s Bounty Company‘s five-year roadmap. The Nature’s Bounty Company wanted to replace their legacy solutions while utilizing demand planning through Oracle’s Demantra capabilities. They hoped to improve forecast accuracy across all of their business channels. Terry discusses working with Inspirage: “Inspirage has been a really tremendous partner. I always think technology is the easy part of an implementation journey the hard part is bringing that business process and industry expertise. Inspriage has a strong bench.”

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