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Inspirage offers a comprehensive in2Cloud® program to help our customers realize the ultimate time to value by deploying Oracle ERP Cloud in accelerated timelines and with extraordinary results.

According to IDC CloudView 2016, 70% of CIOs now have a ‘cloud first’ strategy and it’s estimated that by 2020, over two-thirds of IT spending will be for cloud-based offerings. This is consistent with information uncovered in our market research study of over 200 business and IT executives examining their perceptions of moving to the Cloud. We found that while most executives recognize the business imperatives of modernizing their IT structure, there a still major concerns holding them back: rapid return on investment, integration and agility. 

Our in2Cloud® program program offers
3 core components to address our customers’ top concerns related to Cloud.

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The first obstacle is related to building a business case for their supply chain improvement initiatives. In our study, executives told us that while they intuitively believe that the Cloud will help them reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and improve customer service levels, they lack tangible data to build a business case around these measures.

Insights Benchmarking

In order to build a business case for change, you first need a to MEASURE your current state to understand the ROI of your future state. Our Insights Benchmarking service helps you identify opportunities and set quantifiable targets for process and technology improvements. By taking a deep dive into your current metrics and comparing you to peers and competitors in their industry, we can understand where best to focus improvement efforts. And we can go back after the initiative is done to compare pre- and post-project results. 


With Insights Benchmarking, our experienced team of management consultants will take you through a 2 – 3 week journey that will help you:

  • Gain an understanding of how you are performing relative to your competitors
  • Explore performance gaps to identify improvement areas
  • Establish realistic supply chain targets and goals
  • Standardize processes and metrics across the organization
  • Establish a continuous improvement mindset


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MIGRATE: Integration

In our study, 70% of respondents chose lack of system integration as the top obstacle to them achieving their business objectives. This lack of an integrated system hampers these efforts to do more strategic work within the supply chain organization. Whether you’re dealing with on-prem to on-prem or on-prem to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud, integration is sometimes the largest element of any IT initiative. Not only does the integration need to be built, but it needs to be scalable to handle increased data volumes, as well as a diverse set of objects types and ever-changing business processes. Furthermore, the integration solution must be flexible to respond to system updates and upgrades with minimal impact.

How can companies quickly embrace the Cloud while maintaining their existing IT solutions?

iHub CS

Integrated Supply Chain Research Study
Learn more about our latest Oracle Cloud offerings on our R13 Resources page.

Inspirage provides iHub Cloud Service (iHub CS®), a unified platform to MIGRATE data and manage integrations across mixtures of on-prem and Cloud-based solutions without the hassles and complexities of traditional integration platforms. A proven platform, now in its 4th generation, iHub CS® includes pre-built, two-way integrations from both Oracle and non-Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud.

iHub CS® Features

  • An Intuitive dashboard with embedded
  • Visual data mapping tool
  • Standardized pre-integration placeholders
  • IaaS-level security features

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MANAGE: Agility

It comes as no surprise that Business and IT leaders want solutions that not only can be deployed quickly but also are easy to maintain. In our study, we found that leaders are looking to deploy Cloud solutions extremely quickly, while also maintaining a flexible solution that responds to constantly changing business / technology conditions.

To address this need, we’ve configured our proven Rapid Value and Managed Services offerings with specific offerings for a number of Oracle ERP Cloud applications, primarily in the SCM, Financials, Product Value Chain and Logistics arenas, which can be implemented in 90 Days or less.

Rapid Value 90

Leveraging years of co-development activity, research done in our Cloud Center of Excellence, and lessons learned through 20+ successful customer Cloud implementations, our Rapid Value 90 program is customized to meet your unique needs. Our proven Rapid Value program leverages a variety of accelerators – including process flows, pre-configurations, testing / training modules, MDM tools and more – to help you deploy oracle Cloud ERP applications quickly and effectively to achieve maximum time-to-value.

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Managed Services

Getting your system deployed quickly is half the battle. What happens after you go live is often what makes the difference between success and failure. With Inspirage’s Managed Services offering, Inspirage employees serve as an extension of your organization and act as “One Team” reporting up to the business champion. This program ensures the long-term project success and realization of continuous business improvements by leveraging the breadth of talent in our experienced consulting and support professionals.

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Inspirage is an Oracle Cloud Premier Platinum Partner specializing in Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management, Innovation Management and ERP applications. We are the first and longest-serving Oracle Cloud SCM co-development partner with over 200  consultants certified / trained on Oracle Cloud ERP applications. We enjoy unparalleled customer satisfaction rates, with 96% of our clients achieving their goals.

Our in2Cloud® program was developed by our Consulting and Cloud Center of Excellence teams leveraging our extensive industry experience, lessons learned from the 20+ Cloud implementations and our history as a Fusion Co-Development Partner since 2012.



Nature’s Bounty 

Complete end-to-end ERP solution –   procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, inventory management and record-to-report processes on ERP cloud as well as on-premise warehouse management (WMS) – deployed in 28 days. First global deployment of OTM Cloud. Inspirage helped Panduit deploy 3 global OTM applications, which optimized freight spend by 50%, reduced overhead by 20%, and lowered  procurement spend by 10%. Inspirage helped The Nature’s Bounty Co. overhaul their transportation management system and improve carrier connectivity with our Rapid Value solution.


Inspirage is also living the life we preach by running our entire company on Oracle Cloud.

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