Given rapidly changing business conditions, a supply planning process that anticipates and readily adapts to changes is vital to a nimble and responsive value chain. Oracle Rapid Planning, with its singular focus on rapid decision making capabilities is proving to be a “must have” application to plan and re-plan your operations as often as needed.

Same day re-planning

With managing internal, supplier, and customer facilities across the globe, you are bound to have changes that occur throughout the day that require immediate and intelligent response. These changes include significant demand changes, supplier commitment changes, or changes in available supply. Oracle provides a solution with the new Rapid Planning application scheduled for release in R12.2. This new business application will enable you to segment your supply chain challenge and rapidly replan to find the best solution with current conditions.

Provide integrated simulation capabilities across business processes

With Oracle Rapid Planning you will be able to better anticipate and react to changes in many aspects of your planning process. At a more strategic level, you can drastically reduce the sales and operations planning cycle time, communicate changes rapidly to the extended supply chain, concentrate on higher level strategic plans without micromanaging the details within your supply chain. Tactically you will have a range of possibilities to simulate and react to changes. These changes include demand changes, BOM and Routing changes, yield changes, and a variety of resource availability changes.

Flexibility to easily change planning factors

Often, changes to master data related to planning are critical in evaluating alternative operational objectives. Since these proposed changes are temporary, changing them in your system of record is neither convenient nor practical. Changes to master data within Oracle Rapid Planning can answer questions such as; how will I change the fulfillment picture if I can reduce critical buy item lead time? If I simulate known BOM changes, how will it impact inventory levels and customer fulfillment schedules? How will changing safety stock levels impact shortages, inventory levels and on time delivery?

Compare and evaluate

Comparing different strategies prior to deploying changes is a vital part of prudent supply planning. With Oracle Rapid Planning the comparisons across different planning scenarios and strategies is greatly simplified. Comparisons can be made at several levels; Comparing various key performance indicators, comparing specific orders across scenarios with measures such as lateness, number of exceptions, magnitude of lateness etc. Oracle Rapid Planning allows you to heavily customize the comparisons to meet your needs. You can readily define and enforce conformance to structured business processes of your choice prior to major decision making.

Integrated and powered by Oracle

With its standard built in integration with several components of the Oracle Value Chain Planning solution and Oracle eBusiness / JD Edwards business applications, Oracle Rapid Planning will provide a rapid return on your investment. Any decisions you take can be easily deployed to execution products such as Procurement, Work in Process, and Order Management. Your changes in demand plans can be rapidly incorporated into executable operational plans within Rapid Planning. Any supply planning constraints from Rapid Planning can be easily published and considered within Oracle Demantra processes.

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