Customer Spotlight: Toy Manufacturer

Consolidated Companies Deploy Greenfield Cloud ERP solution

As a result of a merger, these manufacturers and distributors of games, puzzles, and toys sought to replace their patchwork of on-premises ERP systems with a unified alternative in the cloud. By upgrading to a cloud solution, the sister companies aimed to standardize and consolidate their financial accounts on a common platform, a setup that would greatly simplify their reporting and reduce overhead from maintenance, support and system upgrades. Inspirage came onboard to assist the organizations with a multi-phase transition and cloud transformation.

Rather than leveraging either company’s legacy systems, the newly merged company decided to start from scratch with a greenfield end-to-end Cloud-ERP system. Accordingly, the newly merged company required modern, sophisticated applications and more streamlined business processes to support a shared and scalable strategy for procurement, inventory management, and warehouse oversight. To achieve this goal, they needed specific improvements in domains such as the handling of electronic data interchange (EDI) interactions with clients and sorting of critical data within master templates for customers and suppliers. Leaving behind these legacy systems (JDE and FAS-5) for a modern cloud platform was a practical first step toward bringing the two organizations together.
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