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PlanningCentralWebinarOracle Planning Central provides a modern and complete manufacturing planning cloud solution that unifies forecasting, inventory and supply planning to be able to interactively balance demand and supply. In this session, we provided an overview of the new planning capabilities available in Oracle SCM Cloud Release 11 with insight into how these Oracle cloud solutions enable a faster more agile enterprise. The Oracle Cloud SCM solution supports the complete product lifecycle from product inception through product development, product planning, manufacturing, materials management, and order management and fulfillment. We focused on how planners become more productive with Oracle Planning Central, better monitoring planning performance, and respond to changes in demand to minimize supply disruption. We also reviewed the Inspirage Cloud Rapid Deployment methodology based upon industry standard process flows and preconfigured analytics and how to rapidly and successfully deploy the solution for maximum ROI. The session concluded with a brief sample demonstration of the Oracle Cloud Planning Central application.

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